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Jobber Shark is fabricated as a tool that will give companies an economically competitive advantage in an array of challenges within the advanced manufacturing industry. The president of the company, Drew McDonald, is a senior machining specialist who worked his way from the bottom up. He found that cutting edge problem solving happens right on the shop floor day in and day out. Consulting with Jobber Shark provides you with hands on industry specific experience. Ranging from all precision applications such as aerospace & amp; defense, medical, machine tool technologies, and many more. For companies to be truly successful, it is imperative to take full advantage of all progressive modern manufacturing processes. Jobber Shark is first and foremost a problem solver. It gives a transparent, straight forward approach that provides answers to any and all questions that arise. What Jobber Shark brings to the table is concession to the complexity and scope of the job at hand. There is no such thing as luck, luck is when opportunity meets preparation.

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